Dec 21, 2022

Upsell Flow


Offer customers the opportunity to upgrade or add on to their current purchase.

It can increase sales: Upselling can help merchants increase their sales by offering customers additional or upgraded products that complement the ones they are already purchasing.

It can improve customer satisfaction: By offering customers products that meet their needs and preferences, merchants can improve customer satisfaction and encourage customers to continue doing business with the company.

It can help to build customer loyalty: Upselling can help merchants build customer loyalty by demonstrating that they are willing to go the extra mile to find products that meet the customer's needs.

It can improve the customer experience: Upselling can help to make the purchasing process more convenient for customers, as it can help them find the products they need in one place.

It can help to increase the average order value: Upselling can help merchants increase the average order value by encouraging customers to purchase additional or upgraded products. This can help to increase the overall profitability of the business.


One of the best ways to generate more revenue from your existing customers is Upselling or Cross-selling. Upsell and cross-sell messages boost revenue, build positive customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

To trigger the Upsell flow, you need to map your products - When product A is purchased, upsell product B. You can define wait time to identify the right moment to trigger the upsell flow. This flow will then automatically trigger when product A is purchased by a customer and will suggest them to buy Product B.

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