Dec 21, 2022

3 Automations that top D2C brands use

Automation, automation, automation. It's everywhere! From your coffee maker to that new smart speaker in the corner of your room, it's a running theme across all industries. 

But are D2C brands using automation in their daily business? Well, yes! Top D2C brands are using automation to enhance customer experience, improve team performance and remove redundant tasks. 

Here are 3 automations that top D2C brands use and we recommend all fast-growing D2C businesses to implement:

1. Welcome Bot

Generally, 40% of customer queries are regarding order status. 10% are regarding the return or refund status. Effectively, half of all queries a D2C store receives can be segmented into 2-3 buckets. And these can be easily automated. 

With a welcome bot, top brands send a list of options to the customer to understand the nature of the query. Based on the nature, they either send more options or answer the query. Brands working with us automatically provide order status information, product information, shipping details and even exchange assistance through the welcome bot. An agent is assigned to a chat only if the customer cannot find help through automation.

A snapshot of an elaborate welcome bot
Who should use: If you have a high volume of chats and you observe clear patterns in your queries

- Reduce load on the support team
- Provide prompt answers to customers
- Record various types of queries that you recieve

2. User-Generated Review Bot

All D2C brands agree that achieving sales success with online stores relies on securing the customer reviews needed to boost your online presence and credibility.

Studies demonstrate a strong relationship between the number of reviews you have and the number of conversions you achieve. For example, while a single review can boost conversions by 10 percent, 100 reviews can see that conversion rate rise to 37 percent and 200 reviews can achieve as much as a 44% increase. 

Top brands now collect reviews on WhatsApp, allowing them to collect 10X more reviews than other platforms. The real impact happens when they sync these reviews automatically to their website and google listing. These brands now easily collect reviews on WhatsApp and sync them with google listing with a 3rd party app like These user-generated reviews are positively impacting their SEO and the store's credibility. 

A snapshot of the review bot
Who should use: All D2C brands since reviews are critical for any D2C business. 

- Increase reviews listed on website
- Automatically add reviews to google listing
- Improve SEO

3. Automated NPS Survey

All top brands run NPS surveys to understand and improve their customer experience. These brands now automate the NPS survey to get triggered every time a conversation is completed. The questions are sent in a pre-defined order and the responses can be easily recorded in a google sheet. 

Who should use: All brands that are manually running NPS Survey

- Reduce load on the support team
- Provide prompt answers to customers
- Record various types of queries that you receive

A snapshot of the NPS survey

Automation has started playing a key role in fast growing D2C businesses. Any tasks that you thought can never be automated? If yes, reach out to our team now - WhatsApp Us

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