Dec 21, 2022

Reorder Flow


Merchants who use Reorder Flows could see between 5% to 20% improvement in conversion rates.

It can increase sales: Nudging customers to reorder can help to increase sales for the merchant.The average consumer will make 300% more purchases from a brand they already know and trust than one they don’t. 

It can improve customer loyalty: By reminding customers to reorder, merchants can encourage them to continue doing business with the company and build customer loyalty. 

It can improve the customer experience: Nudging customers to reorder can help to make the purchasing process more convenient for customers, as they will not need to search for the product again or go through the process of finding a new supplier.

It can help to reduce customer acquisition costs: It is generally less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to acquire new ones, and nudging customers to reorder can help merchants do this.

-> It’s also no secret that repeat customers are more profitable for online retailers than first-time shoppers.

Send reminders to customers to reorder products they have purchased in the past.


You can encourage existing customers to buy again by nudging them to reorder. The customer already knows they like it, they will need more of it in the future and your business has come through and provided it before. Reordering can be a win for everyone.

This flow sets this tactic on autopilot by making the  process as simple and easy as possible for the customer and offering one click reordering. A checkout link prefilled with all the customers necessary details is triggered after a specified interval (example 30 days) from last order. This option works especially great for consumables, cosmetics and B2B buyers who tend to have to order the same supplies every few months.

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