Dec 21, 2022

Shipping Updates


It provides customers with updated tracking information: Shipping update messages can include the latest tracking information and a link to the shipping carrier's website, which can help customers stay informed about the progress of their package.

It helps to reduce confusion: Shipping update messages can help to clarify any confusion the customer may have about the status of their order, such as if there are any delays or issues with the delivery.

It builds trust: By sending shipping update messages, ecommerce merchants can demonstrate that they are reliable and trustworthy, which can help to build customer loyalty.

It can help to reduce customer service inquiries: Shipping update messages can provide customers with all of the information they need about the status of their order, which can help to reduce the number of customer service inquiries the merchant receives.

It can help to improve the customer experience: Shipping update messages can help to make the purchasing process more convenient for customers, which can improve their overall experience with the merchant.

Sending shipping updates as the order is on its way to the customer could reduce the load on your support team by almost 3X by potentially eliminating all “where is my order” queries.


Once this flow is enabled, it will pick up all updates made to the shipping status by you or your 3rd party delivery partners and send a message to the customer each time there is an update.

A word of caution here. Some 3rd party shipping integrations update the shipping status multiple times and that will trigger messages to the customer multiple times. If enabled, it would be wise to observe the frequency of messages for an initial period of time to make sure the updates frequency is acceptable.

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