Dec 21, 2022

Recover Abandoned Checkouts - 2 Attempts


If you are already recovering abandoned checkouts on email, then it would work way better on WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s 95% open rates make it 500% better at cart recovery, than email! Additionally,

It can help to recover lost sales: Abandoned checkout messages can remind customers about their unfinished purchase and encourage them to complete their order. This can help to recover lost sales for the merchant.

It helps to reduce cart abandonment: Abandoned checkout messages can provide customers with any information they may need to complete their purchase, such as a discount code or free shipping offer. This can help to reduce the number of abandoned carts on the merchant's website.

It can improve the customer experience: By sending abandoned checkout messages, ecommerce merchants can show that they are proactive and willing to go the extra mile to help customers complete their purchase. This can improve the customer's overall experience with the merchant.

It can build trust: Abandoned checkout messages can demonstrate to customers that the merchant values their business and is willing to make an effort to help them complete their purchase. This can help to build trust in the merchant and encourage customers to return in the future.

More than 70% of shoppers are abandoning checkouts on your website. This could be for various reasons like perceived complications in the checkout process, unexpected costs at checkout etc. It’s not all gloom, if you simply send timely reminders to these customers, around 1 in 5 will actually complete the checkout. This is a no-brainer flow for any online store.


Whenever a checkout is abandoned, this flow delivers a WhatsApp message with a pre-filled link to the abandoned checkout. All the customer has to do is click and pay!

Based on our research, we recommend that you send up to 3 reminders 1 hour, 1 day and 3 days apart for best results. 

This specific pre-built flow will send 2 messages. 
- 1st message: 1 hour after checkout abandonment and 
- 2nd message: 24 hours after checkout abandonment.

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