Dec 21, 2022

Reconfirm COD Orders - 1 Attempt (without auto cancel)


Did you know that 40% of COD orders are returned by customers. A big majority of these returns are due to impulsive purchases without any commitment from shoppers. 

This flow is advantageous in many ways:

It helps to reduce fraud: Reconfirming COD orders before shipping can help to reduce the risk of fraud, as it allows the merchant to verify the customer's information and ensure that the order is legitimate.

It helps to avoid shipping to incorrect addresses: Reconfirming COD orders before shipping can help to ensure that the package is shipped to the correct address, which can help to reduce the risk of lost or undelivered packages.

It can improve the customer experience: By reconfirming COD orders before shipping, merchants can show that they are proactive and take the time to ensure that orders are processed accurately and efficiently. This can improve the customer's overall experience with the merchant.

It can help to reduce shipping errors: Reconfirming COD orders before shipping can help to catch any errors in the order, such as incorrect item quantities or shipping addresses, which can help to reduce shipping errors and improve the efficiency of the fulfillment process.

Based on data from 6 million customers who were asked to re-confirm an order we found that 

→ 7% of customers will cancel their order

→ 33% will not respond and 

→ 60% will reconfirm. 

That means, for every 1000 COD orders you would save at least $140 in unnecessarily incurred cost by enabling this flow. Assuming it will save you at least $2 in costs by

→ Avoiding unnecessary Forward & reverse shipping logistics cost.

→ Avoiding unnecessary Blocked Inventory (Items stuck in transit).

→ Avoiding unnecessary Physical quality check and re-packaging of returned items.


While traditionally, companies tried re-confirming by calling customers who placed COD orders, they soon realized that this was an unscalable and capital-intensive approach. 

You can now put this entire process on auto pilot by activating this flow. You can automatically trigger a whatsapp message, for COD orders, asking the customer to reconfirm it. We then automatically tag the order correctly in your Shopify back end. 

This specific flow asks the customer to reconfirm an order 1 time after 1 hour after an order is placed.

Note that the free version of the flow does not cancel the order automatically when the customer chooses the cancel option. It just tags the order appropriately.

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